In Indian Himalaya – Ladakh, the far-flung eastern corner of Jammu and Kashmir state is India’s most remote and less populated region: a high-altitude snow desert cradled by the Karakoram and Great Himalayas, crisscrossed by myriad razor-sharp peaks and ridges. There is no other land like Ladakh! In 19th century the area first got the promotion for adventure tourism, trekking and motor biking both give the best experience for adventure lovers. It is also rich in natural beauty, sightseeing destinations and calm weather. Ladakh seems to be a passage between land and sky, where one can find extreme sun rays and freezing winds, glaciers and sand dunes, frothing rivers and deserts. It also known as a moon land, totally isolated from the modern world.

Ladakh is one of the best places to trek in Indian Himalaya. It has towering mountain ranges, river valleys and high plateaus. Ladakh is filled with Buddhist traditional culture, it even looks like little Tibet. The beautiful ancient Buddhist monasteries we can find almost everywhere, in every small village. The abundance of wildlife can astonish the most fussy travelers, commonly while trekking one can encounter proud ibex, blue sheep, wild yaks, marmots etc. The view of golden eagles and vultures flying through the gorges are truly magical and if luck favors, the snow leopard can be also captured in a traveler’s camera.

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